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Must Sees

Everything You Never Knew About Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of Canada's most popular destinations. Here are some facts, figures and history that will help inform you next visit to the geographic wonder....(more)

4 Places to Visit in Canada Before You Die

Here's your Canadian travel "bucket list": 4 places you simply must see before you move on to the next great adventure....(more)

5 Must See Vancouver Gardens

If you enjoy being surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility there are a few gardens in Vancouver that you must see. The temperate climate and gentle, plentiful rain encourage an abundance of growth, giving landscape artists a beautiful canvas to work with. While on vacation, take the time to pencil in a visit to at least one of these captivating places. You could always make a day of it and visit a few so you can appreciate the diversity of each. Below are a few of the top recommended Vancouver gardens to add to your vacation itinerary....(more)

Your Visit to the CN Tower in Toronto

Soaring high above Toronto's skyline is the city's tallest and most recognizable jewel, the CN Tower. There's no doubt you will see this celebrated landmark during your visit to Toronto as it stands 1,815 feet above ground. Still, there is nothing like seeing it up close. It's one thing to see it in photos, but something altogether different to see it in person. Join the 1.5 million people who visit every year and experience for yourself the icon that others have deemed a civil engineering wonder. Here is an overview of what the CN Tower is, why it was built, why people can't stay away from it, and what to expect during your visit....(more)

Arts and Culture

5 Current Canadian Chart Toppers

It's not just classic Canadian artists that make a global impact. Here are 5 current chart toppers from the great white north....(more)

Rick Mercer: Canadian Television Icon

Rick Mercer's "Talking to Americans" is considered one of the seminal works of Canadian television comedy. Learn more about this Canadian TV comedy icon....(more)

Canada Goose Jackets: A Canadian Success Story

Walk the streets of any major Canadian city and you'll see them: Canada Goose jackets. These luxury parkas are serious business....(more)

Travel on a Budget

Visiting Toronto on a Budget: Cheap Hotels

Toronto is Canada's largest and one of its most expensive cities to visit. But it's still possible to stay in some of Toronto's finest hotels on the cheap. Here are a few great options that won't break the bank....(more)

Planning a Trip to Canada on a Budget

If you are in the market for an affordable vacation option for your family, Canada is an excellent choice. The 2005 Mercer Cost of Living Survey named many of Canada's cities as the most affordable, with Ottawa being named the least expensive city in North America. Its close proximity to the United States makes traveling far less expensive than if you choose to travel overseas. You can even drive or take a train to get to Canada. In addition, there are plenty of Canadian attractions that are geared towards those who want to travel on a budget, such as camping in one of the many national parks or attending one of the festivals....(more)

5 Tips for Getting Canadian Souvenirs

When you travel on a budget, make sure everything you buy is a good value, even souvenirs. You don't want to spend money on items that will only clutter your home when you can get reminders of your trip that you will cherish for a lifetime. Like most places, Canada offers a wide variety of mementos and products to visitors, and they vary in quality and price. Here are five tips for getting affordable souvenirs from your Canadian vacation....(more)

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