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Food and Restaurants

Tim Hortons: Canada's Coffee Shop

Founded in 1964, Tim Hortons has become synonymous with Canada's donut culture. Learn about this cultural icon's history and ties to Canada's national sport....(more)

Maple Syrup: Quebec's Export to the World

There's a saying: "As Canadian as maple syrup." Introduced to European settlers by Canada's First Nations tribes, maple syrup and its associated food products are not only ingrained in Canadian culture, but also a significant source of export income....(more)

Canadian Bacon: It's Not Canadian At All

American's love Canadian bacon. What's a Hawaiian pizza without it? But is Canadian bacon Canadian? Is it bacon? Learn the truth about this misunderstood meat....(more)


Buying Prescription Drugs from Canadian Online Pharmacies

Should you purchase prescription drugs from Canadian online pharmacies? Learn about the risks before you buy....(more)

Traveling to Canada on Good Friday

For working adults and their families, holidays can be the perfect time to travel. Rather than taking off work and using vacation days, traveling over a holiday weekend can spare that time. The issue is that even an extended holiday is a short period of time in the long run, making Canada a nice vacation choice. Visiting Canada across the Good Friday holiday and related Easter weekend can have several issues associated with it, though....(more)

Shopping in Canada and Easy Transportation with the STM in Montreal

There is no shortage of shopping places in Canada. Whether you are on vacation or exploring a nearby area, there are lots of possibilities. The five-story Centre Eaton in Montreal has a little bit of everything, with a total of approximately 175 stores. If you need to get from one location to the next, the STM in Montreal can get you there....(more)

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